Thursday, 26 June 2014

Review: Exo Nature Republic by Flower Tint Lip Balm


Recently I bought two EXO Nature Republic By Flower Tint Lip Balms! This product was released in Spring early this year, but I don't think the stores stock them anymore? I could be wrong, but I do know that stock is selling fast online!

So as this is a new blog, and I haven't mentioned EXO in any posts before, I am indeed a massive EXO fan! I own every single one of their albums! However, I don't really buy EXO endorsed products etc (because they are normally very expensive, although I did buy the hand cream set a week ago and it should arrive sometime in the near future). I don't know why I decided to buy the lip balms, but after reading reviews I thought it was pretty cool how it's clear in the tub but when you apply it, the colour gradually turns pinker ((and cos they give you photocards)).

I bought the Luhan and Kyungsoo one!

Luhan and D.O! I feel weird to dig my fingers into their face!

The photocards!

#2 peach and #3 honey lemon; expiry dates: 2016/08 and 2016/09

1 swipe; 3 swipes

I originally wanted to buy Kyungsoo, Luhan and Suho, because they are my biases in EXO and surprisingly all 3 of them were different flavours but I didn't get Suho in the end, 'cos I'm not a big fan of the rose scent!

Overall, I do like this product, the scent from both lip balms are oh so yummy! The colour you get when you apply is a really pretty pink, also it's buildable so you can make your lips even more pink! It's definitely moisturising as it is a lip balm, and I think it's nice just to have this in my handbag :)

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