Thursday, 10 July 2014

Review: Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style Lipstick

So I'm back with a review! I was meant to have this up earlier but my home internet connection went down for a few days because my dad finally decided to let us have (and pay for) fibre optic broadband! Imagine the life I had to live, no internet connection and I had ran out of phone data! Times were tough!

But moving on, recently I've been obsessed with lip products which is weird because I'd normally wear lip balm and I'm good to go, but two months ago ((while I was suppose to be revising)) I procrastinated and was on beauty blogs looking at all these reviews of pretty lip products and well ... yeah. I started hauling lip products online and in stores, including the Nature Republic Exo Lip Balm in my last post. In my 20 years of existence, I've only ever bought around 10 lip products or less (excluding lip balms) and I pretty much made up for it in the past month or two, because I went overboard...

Anyways today I'll being reviewing the Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style Lipstick. There are 23 shades altogether and I decided to buy #RD04 Red Bikini and #RD06 Burgundy Wine.

Price: 7,800원 // Net weight: 3.4g

left: RD04 red bikini; right: RD06 burgundy wine

The lipsticks come in these really stylish boxes, with a sticker indicating the shades on the top. I think the lipstick itself looks really sleek! The shade is indicated on the bottom of the lipstick, along with the manufacture date.

RD06 burgundy wine: one swipe, three swipes; RD04 red bikini: one swipe; three swipes

For RD04 Red Bikini, I expected a red coral but instead it was edging towards a more pink type of coral! Nevertheless, the colour is still very pretty! However it's just so bright for me, as it's quite a transition for me to go from clear lip balm to this! I don't think I'd wear it fully a lot, but I'll adapt in the future :)

As for RD06 Burgundy Wine, it wasn't as I expected either. As you can see from the swatches above, the colour is more burnt red than burgundy wine, and it's not as dark as I imagined it to be judging from the colour of the stick.  However, I really like it because I've never come across a shade like this before ((or maybe I just haven't delved deep enough into the world of lip products))! It's a really vampy colour and I like to layer this on top of more pinky burgundy colours to give me that effect.

+ affordable
+ large range of shades available
+ creamy texture
+ not drying
+ colour is buildable 

- will cling to bits of dead skin on lips, so make sure to apply lipbalm/use lipscrub before
- no swatches available on the website, colour may or may not be what you expect

Needless to say, I adore this product especially the shade RD06. The lipstick is affordable and the formula is great. 

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