Monday, 1 September 2014

Review: Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip in #7 Happening & #16 Blackout Red

In my recent gmarket haul, I purchased some products from the Clio store. I've always heard really good reviews about their pen eyeliners and gel pencil liners. So I bought 2 of their pen eyeliners and along with that, 2 lipsticks which I'll be reviewing today: Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip in shades #7 Happening and #16 Blackout Red.

Price: 10,800원 // Net weight: 3.5g

There were originally 5 shades (indicated by The Beginning Collection), then another 16 shades came out. In addition to this 3 new neon shades have been introduced for the Summer Collection, bringing the total to 24 shades.

{ taken from clio's website }

"It is a long lasting tinted lipstick with a satin matte finish. Hydrating essence helps your lips to a flawless finish without dryness."

The lid has the words 'Virgin Kiss Tinted Lips' repeatedly printed on it. The words are in different colours on the two lipsticks tube, which gives an indication to which shade the lipstick is.

When you take off the lid, the same printed text is on the tubes. The bottom of the tube has a sticker which states the shade and the manufacture date.

{ #7 Happening }

{ #16 Blackout Red }

I decided to buy these lipsticks because I thought 'might as well!' I stumbled upon the Clio shop on gmarket and then I remembered that I always wanted to buy the pen liners, so as I was browsing through the shop I saw these! From the photos, I knew I wanted #16 Blackout Red, as I'm currently obsessed with berry/burgundy coloured lip products. Along with this, because I was making a haul anyways I decided to buy one more colour. As I've also been really into my corals, I decided on #7 Happening.

#7 Happening is a peachy coral. The colour is not as pink as it is on the official photo, it actually leans more towards an orange red. Apart from that it is also a bright lipstick, which you can probably tell from the photo. As it's the end of August, and the summer weather is practically nonexistent in the UK, I don't know when I'll be able to wear this soon! Nonetheless, it's a really pretty shade. 

#16 Blackout Red is the perfect burgundy/berry for me. Compared to my Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style #RD06, it's more burgundy but not too much that it's approaching a fuchsia purple shade. I'd definitely be able to wear it a lot during the autumn and winter seasons.

very pigmented
+ doesn't dry out lips (but it's not overly moisturising)
+ lasts for 3 ish hours (w/ eating & drinking), should last longer if you were to just leave it
+ leaves a stain behind

- transfers easily, so I'd definitely blot with a tissue after applying
- will cling to dead skin on lips so use lip scrub before applying
- does dry your lips eventually around the 3 hour mark, so you'd want to reapply around then

I don't think I'll repurchase, purely because the shades of the lipstick are quite generic! There are definitely similar shades out there especially in the Korean market, and instead of sticking to one brand, I'd rather try out different ones. However I'm actually really intrigued about #12, the bright yellow lipstick. According to the information, if you apply it on top of another lipstick, it'll change the colour. Other than this, I'd rather just stick to the 2 shades I have now!

Let me know what you guys think! and I'll see you in my next post!

Steph, x

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