Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Review: Tosowoong Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tint in #2 Vampire

Hello! Today I'll be doing a review which is well overdue! It's the Tosowoong Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tint, which I received from the Memebox Superbox #17 nearly 2 months ago!

There are 3 shades in total: #1 Orange, #2 Vampire, 3# Blood. As the title indicates, I'll be doing a review on the shade #2 Vampire! This tint uses natural ingredients such as Avocado oil which contains vitamin A, vitamin D, potassium etc and claims to give a plumping and cooling effect on the lips.

Price: 23, 000원 // Net weight: 5.7g
It costs $28 on the Memebox website but it's currently on sale for $16.

The colour of the text on the packaging above differs between the 3 shades.

The manufacture date (2014.04.11) and the expiry date (2016.04.10) is printed in black on the box packaging.

The shade is indicated on the top of the box with the number and the corresponding colour. The other two shades will be different.

{before shaking, after shaking}

This product is comprised of a layer of liquid and a layer of oil. To use, you have to shake it to mix the liquids together.

{one swipe, three swipes, blended}

When swatching on my hand, it would apply as little globules of the tint as shown below. You can also see the globules around the rim of the tube 2 photos above. I would have to use my finger to blend it out for the colour to come out of the oil globules. If I do not blend it, it will stay as these globules.

As opposed to swatching on my hand, the 'globules problem' did not happen on my lips! However the tint will not apply to the top part of my upper lip, as you can see in the photo above. It only applies to the lower part of my upper lip and my lower lip which is slightly strange, but it might be due to the oily nature of the tint. No matter how much I go over that area with the applicator, it will not apply as much as the bottom lip, which is a shame as the colour is pretty and the staying power is great!

Earlier in the post I mentioned it claims to provide a plumping and cooling effect on the lips. For the plumping effect I can notice it, but its not major. However the cooling effect is intense! When I first applied it on my lips I didn't know it had this cooling effect, and thought my lips were slightly tingling and burning. It reminds me of chewing really minty gum, so minty that it almost feels spicy. It's that kind of feeling but its on the lips and it's just about bearable. (Although I did just realise when writing this post that it says spicy gloss on the packaging T T!)

As the tint is oil-based and water+oil won't mix and all that jazz, it's near impossible to remove it with water.You need to try to apply correctly without making a mistake or it'll take ages to remove! Even with makeup remover you need to proper scrub it to get the stain off!

+ staining power is amazing!
+ the tint is pigmented
+ long-lasting

- the cooling effect can be a bit too strong (may not happen to others)
- because of the staining power, it can be a pain to remove if you apply incorrectly
- does not apply on fully on my lips T T (may not happen to others)
- expensive
- toothpaste scent (the scent of the product in the tube, the tint itself is not toothpaste flavour haha!)

As much as I want to like this product I don't think I'll purchase it again. If I do, it'll be purely for the shade. The tingly effect lasts for about 2 mins or so after applying. Despite it being long-lasting, the tint will 'crack'. If you drink anything during the period it's applied, it minimises the 'crusty-looking' lips but still it's not a pretty look :/

Anyways let me know what you think and I'll be back with another review soon!

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